Overseas expansion support services for food service companies, business development and license management, consultation, and overseas store development
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About Us
Company Name Epoc Inc.
Nobuyuki Sato
After working for a global consulting company and a global accounting firm, Nobuyuki Sato led the effort to list the stocks of a food service company to success as a vice president.
Vice President
Takayoshi Yoshida
At a large fast food company, Takayoshi Yoshida was the general manager in charge of directly managed domestic stores of a large American sandwich chain. Later, he led the opening of approximately 100 stores in South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Singapore as the executive officer of a large food service company.
Masao Toya
Masao Toya worked as an area general manager at a leading hotel and wedding management company in Japan. He then took charge of the management of large stores with restaurant wedding facilities. Later, he worked for the improvement of business performance of hotels and overseas stores as a director of the consultation department.
Outside Director
Naoyuki Honda
President&CEO, Leverage Consulting Inc.
Outside Auditor
Hiroshi Hori
Partner, Marunouchi International Law Office
Tokyo Office Pegasus Aoyama 503, 8-5-40, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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Establishment June 2012
Business Domain <Overseas Expansion Support Services>
The support services for overseas expansion by Japanese food service companies include the following: License management consultation, store development support, overseas inspection tours, and overseas expansion seminars