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News Release

License Management Contract Concluded

We are pleased to announce the conclusion of a basic license management contract with Plus Gate Co., Ltd., (president: Shinji Otani, main office: Chuo-ku, Osaka) to support the overseas expansion of the company’s food service brands. Plus Gate Co., Ltd., rolls out Italian restaurants in many department stores and fast food restaurants, including ramen and curry vendors, and directly manage Japanese, Spanish, and Vietnamese restaurants. Last year, the company took over the business of the 40-year curry brand,” King of Curry”. Plus Gate has also developed restaurants in a variety of forms across Japan as part of its commissioned business. In the future, the company aims to open franchised stores overseas, including Southeast Asia.


Official website of Plus Gate Co., Ltd.:


* License Management Contract:
The contract with our company is for the outsourcing of the packaging of brand licenses toward commercialization of the brand for a restaurant brand owner who plans to conduct multi-store operations in Japan and overseas.


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