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News Release

“Sato no Udon” will open in Bangkok.

We are happy to announce that Oneotas Co., Ltd., (main office: Fujisawa, Kanagawa, president: Yoshio Nishijima), one of our clients for license management services, established a joint venture in Thailand and will open “Sato no Udon” in the Chit Lom District of central Bangkok in early November 2013.
In May 2013, we opened a “Sato no Udon” Osaki store as a directly managed store and have since promoted the packaging of the brand licenses as a business category of casual restaurants serving udon (Japanese noodles) and donburi (rice with a topping served in a bowl). Since the packaging process was completed earlier than expected, we decided to open the brand’s first overseas store in Bangkok. In the future, we plan to promote multi-store operations centering on the area along a railway line from Tokyo to Shonan in Japan and open five stores in Bangkok.
The license management business consists of a contract for outsourcing the packaging of the brand licenses to our company toward the commercialization of a brand when a restaurant brand owner plans to conduct multi-store operations in Japan and overseas.
We plan to expand the license management business, and to this end, we aim to work with ten brands in the near future.


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